A Word From the Principal

Another term over and everyone is ready for a rest. Once again we thank you all for helping your children get through these difficult times. It would not be easy being at home, missing your friends and family and also keeping your children occupied.

Today I sent an email to all of our parents to explain about the staged return of students in term 4. Please take the time to read it. I will also attach it to our eNews.

Take time over these school holidays to relax and breathe. Take a walk, get out in the fresh air and recharge your batteries. Don't think about school. I have also said this to my amazing staff members. 

As you will read in the email, your child's health and wellbeing when they return to school will be our priority. We have been keeping an eye on this during remote learning too. You have all been doing a great job under difficult circumstances. Some children have done extremely well during remote learning and you would have seen that during yesterday's assembly with some of the presentations the children did. Some children and families have struggled and we are aware of that and will do our utmost to assist these children when they return to school. If you need assistance don't forget to speak to someone. Natalie and Naomi can be contacted via their email which you can access on our remote learning page. They are great to talk to as many of you have found out over this time and will help steer you in the right direction.

The first week of Term 1, when your children will still be at home will be an important time for getting your children back into their routines. Get your child up in the morning at the time you would if actually attending school on site, have a break at recess and lunch, have your child go to bed at the time they would if attending school. You should do as much as you can to prepare your child for a school return. The quicker the children are into their routines the better for you and us.

There will be no updates to anything until at least the middle of the school holidays so keep an eye out for emails that I may send you.

Have a great break, rest, try to relax and remember that we are all looking forward to seeing you and your child in one form or another in term 4.

Kerryn Riley