Family Wellbeing Hub

Welcome to the Family Wellbeing Hub


The Karingal Heights Primary School community is very lucky to have the Karingal Family Wellbeing Hub based at our school. Natalie and Naomi provide extra support to the families from our school. Sometimes you may feel you need to have a chat with someone, find out about an extra service or you might want to find out more about Playgroup, the Teach Inspiring Minds program or the Homework Club. You can now contact Natalie and Naomi directly.


Email Natalie


Telephone Natalie on

0458 500 867 




Email Naomi


Telephone Naomi on

0438 280 375  



Given the Chance Jobs Victoria Emplyment Program

(For Long term jobseekers)

Community Support


Extreme Hardship Support


Emergency Relief During


Managing your Mental Health Online


Online Mental Health Support for young people_brochure


Online Mental Health Support_Indigenous brocure


Playgroup Storytime

Together Thursdays



 NDIS Hot Tips

Managing your mental health 


Mental Health Strategies and resources

Wean Your Teen of the Screen

How Parents Can Build Learning Strenghts

How not to get PTSD

How to get through a bad day

  Savers Plus Education for Children in Out of Home Care Carers Building Solutions