Issue 10 28th August, 2020


A Word From The Principal

Many people have been asking me, "When are the children coming back?" I cannot answer that. We have been told the children will be back during Term 4 but we don't know in what way. It could be a staggered start or all back at once. Of course, when I know I will let you know. 

Have a great weekend.

KHPS Virtual Walk

KHPS are going on a virtual walk to the Melbourne Zoo. Thank you so much to Natalie and Naomi from the Wellbeing Hub for organising this fun activity.

KHPS Virtual Walk

Do forget to log in your walk via Dojo and have fun.

Home Activity Ideas

Looking for some home activity ideas. Natalie and Naomi from the Wellbeing Hub have come up with some great ideas. I'm sure there will be something new on the list for you to try.

Home Activity Ideas


The children, teachers and some parents and carers had a lot of fun making their Spoonville character. I hope some more are put into Spoonville at the front of our school

2021 Prep Enroment

Enrolment is open for 2021 Foundation students and transition sessions are well underway. Please contact the office on 9789 3288 for more information.

Information from our KESO

Do you need some support? Please read the following information. Koorie Outreach Support Information Sheet
Koorie Outreach Support

The Social Room: Are your children missing their friends?

We are currently trialling a Webex social room to enable the students to have some interaction with their friends. We understand that times are tough and your children need others to talk to. Students will be able to log onto the social room to interact with their school friends.

At this stage, we will attempt to open the supervised room at 12:30pm every weekday to all students. This may change as we discover how the students use the room and what grade areas they are from. It will be supervised by a staff member to ensure that all students are following our expected behaviours.

To access the room, please visit the remote learning page on our school’s website and follow the link. Please give it a look.

HELP Room is now available

“I’m not sure. Could you please ask your teacher?”

Our wonderful KHPS staff have volunteered their time to assist with a help room. We hope that the room will take some pressure off many parents as well as giving students more options when they are stuck.

The help room is open from 11:30am till 1:30pm weekdays. Students are welcome to log in and out of the room as required or just keep the room open and work in front of the camera. It was great to see a few students using the room over the past couple of days.

To access the room, please visit the remote learning page on our school’s website and follow the link.

School Assembly

Our next school assembly will be on Thursday 3rd September at 2:30. Please enter through Mrs Riley's personal room. We hope to see you all there.

A Reminder to our School Council Members

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 28th October at 3:45 via Webex.  If you are unable to attend the meeting please contact the school before the start time.

Managing Unwell Students

What we should all be doing if your child is unwell. A fact sheet from the Department of Education.

Managing Unwell Students

Supporting Your Child Through Transition

The Mornington Youth Services team are hosting a free series of online events supporting your child through transition during COVID 19. Take a look.