We have been exploring how to use similes to make comparisons between objects such as ‘hot is to cold, as long is to short’; looking at the comparison of opposites.

Using our ability to compare and visualise objects, we created Colour Poems that would allow our readers to get a sense of what our favourite colour meant to us, using our senses.


“ I enjoyed the colour poem because I got to write it with my friends and I wrote it on my second favourite colour which is white.” – Adam


“ I loved writing the colour poem because I go to write it with my two best friends.  It made it a lot easier.” – Spike


“I enjoyed writing the colour poems because we wrote about all different types of things using similes in our poems.  I had so much fun that I wrote two” – Ilyssa 



My Colour Poem - By Chace


My Colour Poem - By Makayla


My Colour Poem - By Adam


As part of our writing program, we explored the text type of writing a literacy review.  Making sure we had the structure of introducing the text, followed by a description of the sequence of events that we feel were interesting to note, usually a paragraph for each event.  Lastly we needed to include our overall opinion of the text and who we would recommend it to.


“It was fun writing the 13-Storey Treehouse review because I have liked most of the books and I wanted to share my love of the books” – Abbie



Just Crazy Book Review - By Lockie


Alice Miranda At School Book Review - By Ilyssa


The 91-Storey Treehouse Book Review - By Beverley