Investigation Time

The Investigation Time Program is well under way in the Year Prep and One classrooms. It is a wonderful time for students to build their oral language, critical thinking, and social skills as they build on their understandings of key concepts within the curriculum.

Students regularly reflect their weekly learning within the activities that they complete at the different centres.


At the Construction Centre, some students have built letters and sounds that we have been learning.


These students worked as a team to build a bridge that their boat could fit under, and then added stairs so that a person could walk over it. They thought critically about the problem and worked together to create a solution.


Many students are beginning to use the Writing Centre to use the sounds that they are learning in a purposeful way.

Some have chosen to make labelled pictures, while others have written ‘Get Well’ cards and letters to friends.


The Craft Centre has been a great place to build fine motor skills (such as cutting), as well as a place to create props for a play we are performing.


At the Dramatic Play Centre, there are opportunities to develop math skills, such as weighing and counting money.


There are also opportunities for writing, such as filling out forms and adding names to a list.


Sometimes the learning activities are a bit cheeky, like when we get to write on the table as a way of practising our sounds!


Other times we use technology to practise our vocabulary and ‘School Talk’ (speaking in full sentences).


During the morning students are able to have a Fruit Snack. Many students choose to continue their learning while they eat. Counting numbers is a favourite activity!


We really enjoy Investigation Time each morning!