3/4D Class Report

Throughout the year we have been undertaking a program called Number Blitz daily, which gives us practise in our automatic recall of number facts (ie addition, subtraction, division and multiplication). We have a variety of different levels so that everyone has a sheet that is at their level and not too easy or hard to complete.  I am extremely proud of all the children’s efforts in being able to accurately answer more questions with confidence.


“I enjoy Number Blitz because it’s challenging me to work out maths equations faster.” - Luke


One of our favourite times of the term is when we get to do cooking in the school’s Science & Food Technology room with Tammy.  Last term we made scrumptious ‘omelettes in a bag’, while this term me made delectable vegetable pasties!  The smell coming from the ‘kitchen’ was enough to make everyone’s stomach’s growl in hunger every week! We can’t wait to see what we get to chop, slice, dice and grate next term J.



“I enjoyed cooking the pasties with Tammy because the pasties had mashed sweet potatoes in them and I like mashed potatoes.” - Aislin


“I really loved cooking the omelette in a bag with Tammy last term because I had fun cracking the eggs and chopping the vegetables.” – Chace


“It was really fun cooking the omelettes in a bag with Tammy because I really enjoyed mixing the egg and shaking all the ingredients up in the zip lock bag.  The omelette was delicious to eat.”  -  Stasia


“I was thrilled to be cooking the vegetable pasties with Tammy because I really love to cook and they were yummy to eat.”  -  Brayden


“In cooking I liked the pasties because I got to put in how much I wanted and I got to cut out the pastry, and roll it up.  It tasted GOOD!” - Solenn


On Tuesday 12th September, KHPS had our annual Footy Colours Day.  We all look forward to this day every year as we get to wear our favourite footy code’s team colours and have a special footy day lunch.  Not to mention the fantastic community spirit that is shown every year with our Footy Cent Coin Line, where everyone is invited to bring along as many coins as they would like to put under their team’s logo.  Once each grade has placed their coin onto their teams’ lines, they are measured and counted to see which team has raised the most money for cancer research; or which team has the longest line of coins.  Last but not least, I have to mention our Footy Parade – where we wear  our colours proudly and cheer each other on J


“I like the 3/4D Football League Competition game that we played because we got to verse other people in the class and the challenge to roll the right number to get a goal.” – Basem


“I loved the football game because you got to verse different teams.” – Kasey


“I liked playing the Footy Day Challenge game because we all had different AFL teams and we got play to see who would be in the rand final!  Ilyssa and Darragh were in the grand final and Ilyssa won!” – Lilly


“I liked the 3/4D Football League Competition game because you have to roll a dice and try to get a 1 or a 6.  A 1 gives you a behind and one point, and a 6 gives you a goal and six points.” – Mitchell.


“The footy day game was great because I got in the Grand Final!  It was very challenging using a 12-sided dice because there was less chance of getting a 6 or a 1 than with a 6-sided dice.” – Darragh