No 19 13th November 2020


A Word From The Principal 19

School Wide Positive Behaviours, Respectful Relationships and Zones of Regulation. It is great when your child comes home to tell you about all the positive things that have happened at school. It's not so great when they come home and talk about the things that have gone wrong. I often wonder whether we concentrate too much on the negative things rather than the positive things. As a parent I know that it can be difficult not to. 
For the past 18 months we have been working on School Wide Positive Behaviours, concentrating on the great positive behaviours that children have been exhibiting. We have been giving out raffle tickets that allow the children to get prizes and allow grades to have something such as a free dress day. We are also changing the language we use with children to be more positive. Along with SWPB we have been working on Respectful Relationships and Zones of Regulation. 

Over the coming months in our eNewsletter you will information explaining to you more about the School Wide Positive Behaviours framework. It begins this week so make sure you take a look. You will also find information on our webpage.

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School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Meet our School-Wide Positive Behaviour Mascots KHPS has a SWPBS culture with four key expectations, these are what we value:

Being Responsible – we are committed to supporting each other, for being accountable for our actions and encouraging all to achieve independence.
Being Respectful – we are committed to accepting each other as we are and valuing our strenghts and differences.
Being Resilient – we are committed to accepting challenges and overcoming problems.
Being Safe - we are committed to the promotion of behaviours and creating environments that ensures the wellbeing of every member of the school community.

Meet Our Mascots

To find out more about SWPBS, please see our website page: SWPBS 

Book Week Parade

Wednesday 18th November is our annual book week parade. This year's theme is Curious Creatures, Curious Minds. Dress up as your favourite book character. Unfortunatly, parents and carers are unable to attend but we will post a lot of photos.