No 8 14th August 2020


A Word From The Principal 1

I was doing some work in the on-site room this week and it was buzzing! It was great to hear in the background what was happening with the children learning on site. Mr Hurford was at home running his daily Webex session with his class which included one of our on-site children. Miss Byleveld, who was on site and Natalie, who was at home were both listening to one of the grade 1 children read his book and answer questions. Rhonda, who was at home was doing some reading work with one of the on site students and Peta was busy supervising the rest.
Our staff take it in turns to work on site and supervise children whilst also working with their own class. Staff who are off site and working at home are busy with all class sessions, working in small groups and working one on one with some students if a parent or other staff member is present. Staff are also making videos, planning for the coming weeks and correcting work that has been uploaded to Dojo or SeeSaw or left in the boxes at the front of the school. Some staff are doing this and also assisting their own children with remote learning! Our families are very lucky to have such dedicated staff.

School Tour Video

Have a look at our new school tour video. Thank you,
Mr Bodley!

New photos in our Gallery

We have added some new photos to our galleries.
Take a look at our Art in Remote Learning and 100 Days of School photographs.

Whole School Assembly

There will be a whole school assembly on Thursday 20th August at 2:30pm. Please enter via Mrs Riley's Webex room. We hope to see you all there.