No 7 7th August, 2020


A Word From Our Principal

How do I keep my days full during lockdown? I often wonder how everyone keeps their day full when they are only allowed out of their home for exercise?

I am fortunate to be still working so my days during the week are very busy. On the weekend I have plenty to do. I am a list person so I always have a list of what I need to do on the weekend. Of course, there is always the housework which I usually don't mind doing. I also go for a walk on Saturday and Sunday and try to spend some time in my garden. I might decide to clean a window or a cupboard here or there. I ring up members of my family to keep in touch, sometimes playing games with them over zoom or in another way. A group of our friends 'got together' using Zoom last Saturday night and talked and laughed for over two hours. That cheered everyone up.

In the afternoons I try to catch up on the things I don't normally have time to do. Nat and Naomi from the Wellbeing Hub recently gave me a Where's Wally jigsaw which I am attempting to complete. It is very tricky as there are a lot of red and white stripes to sort out. I have found Wally but have not completed much of the jigsaw yet.

I love taking photos and I am sorting out all of my lose photos from years gone by ready to turn them into digital albums. My adult son and I play a lot of board games together while we eat a lot of cheese and crackers. I also make sure I always watch Collingwood play football. 

Even though I have plenty to do I miss seeing my family and friends in person but hopefully, in another month or so we can begin to slowly do that again. 

Stay safe everyone and stay in contact with each other.

Kerryn Riley

2021 Prep Enroment

Enrolment is open for 2021 Foundation students and transition sessions are well underway. Please contact the office on 9789 3288 for more information.

2021 Grade 6 Uniform

It is time for our grade 5 children to begin thinking about their grade 6 uniform. Could all parents please keep an eye out for information concerning grade 6 uniforms that will be sent to you soon. Mr Hurford and Miss Smith will work with the grade 5 children to select a design.

Beleza News

Beleza is temporarily closed but you can order online.

Autism, Social Skills and Tweens

An Autism workshop run by Anglicare.