No 7 31st July 2020


A Word From the Principal

Changes and more changes! Everyday in the school system things are changing. Thank you to all of the parents who have been picking up and dropping of work and books in the box on the front step. This system seems to be working very well. The less people coming into our foyer the better.

We are now having to temperature check every single person that comes on to our site including students, staff, cleaners, contractors and if necessary, parents. This takes some time as we have found that the thermometers do not like it when someone comes inside from the cold weather outside. Very annoying.

The future of this term is very uncertain with COVID numbers not decreasing as hoped. We could be in for remote learning for longer than anticpated. We all feel that this time parents and students are more relaxed and realising that it is better to do what you can and not get anxious about what you cannot. If you are having difficulties completing and/or submitting work for any reason please let your child's teacher know.

Most importantly, we think about you and your family's mental health and wellbeing constantly. If you are having any difficulties please contact either myself or Mr Bodley or you can contact Nat or Naomi from the Wellbeing Hub. Their details are on our website on the Wellbeing page.

It looks like the weather this weekend is going to be great for walking.

Have a great weekend and go Pies,


Remote Learning Excellence Awards

During this week's Webex assembly we presented the Term 2 Remote Learning Excellence Awards. These awards were presented to the children who logged into almost all of their meetings and completed and uploaded almost all of their work. Well done! Prep D:

Jaxon C
Ryder K
Declan P
Rosalee T


Annabelle T
Harley C
Tygah C
Savannah C
riley B


Ewan M
Thomas L
Kyra L
Melissa P

Ilyssa M
Ellie C

Student of the Week

Student of the Week
While we were having lunch we saw Piper pick up her learning pack along with her Student of the Week award. Even though it wasn't given to her in person she was still able to have a photo taken with Miss B. Well done, Piper.

Wellbeing Hub News

A little bird has told me that there was a lot of fun last week at 'Together Thursdays' online session. Every Thursday afternoon at 3:30-4:00pm. Why not register and join in with your children.


During this time, our main form of communciation for administration will be via your email. It is vitally important that you check your emails on a regular basis. Speaking to some parents lately I have found out that they haven't looked at their emails for some weeks! Please check them!

SSG Meetings

Mr Bodley has been organising the term 3 SSG meetings which will be conducted via Webex. Please put your scheduled date into your diary as organising for the team to meet takes some time. Your child's support meeting may not be able to be rescheduled if you miss it.

School Photos

Once again, due to COVID the date for our school photos have been changed. They are now scheduled for Friday 13th November. More information will be sent home closer to the date.