Walk To School

In term 4, from the 7th of October to the 1st of November, every classroom of Karingal Heights will be participating in a program called Walk to School. But first, what is Walk to School? Walk to School is a program in which students are expected to walk to and from school to help decrease the use of cars which use money for petrol. Petrol also causes pollution, and walking also helps to keep you fit, active and healthy. Did you know it takes 20 days of starting a new habit for it to become part of your daily routine? This program is 20 days, so it should definitely get you into the habit of walking to and from school on a daily basis. Each of the classrooms will be keeping track of when you walk to and from school on a calendar. Every assembly during walk to school month we shall announce the class that has walked the most, along with the top three students.

By the Captains Adam Aislin and Stasia!