Henny Penny Hatchery Visits P1D

As part of the 'Farm' unit, Karingal Heights Primary School offers the P/1 students the experience of watching eggs hatch into chicks. 

Eggs are supplied by Henny Penny Hatching and an eleven day incubation program is set up in the classroom. Once the eggs have hatched in the specially designed incubator they are transferred to a clear sided brooding pen.

This year the P/1 students were lucky enough to have 13 chicks hatch in their classroom!  The students chose names they would like to give the chicks and these were drawn out of a hat each time a chick hatched.  Our chicks names were Cupcake, Ninja, Willow, Chick-chick, Silkin, Mary, Rick, Danariel, Chook-oon, Chocolate, Kaylah, Max and Brownie. 

The students got to observe the chicks eating, drinking and scratching in the sawdust. The most amazing part was being able to hold the chicks.

Take a look at the gallery of our cute little chicks!