Riding Safely thanks to Bike Ed

At KHPS we are providing the senior school students a fun interactive Bike Ed program which supports kids to develop the skills needed to ride safely and independantly.  It also teaches students about safe riding behaviours and road rules.  Thanks to multiple donations, KHPS have their own collection of bikes for the student to use if they do not have one of their own to bring from home.  More students feel confident riding to school after participating in the school Bike Ed program.
Riding a bike or scooter increases physical activity which is important for ongoing health and wellbeing, so we encourage as many students as possible to safely ride to school as often as they can!  KHPS also has a wonderful new bike shed with plenty of room and shelter to store your bikes and scooters!

Some things to remember when riding to school
  • Always wear an approved helmet
  • Stay 1 meter away from curbs or parked cars so you don't fall into traffic
  • When stopping apply your back break gently first to slow the bike down, then apply your front breaks to help you fully stop.  Remember to put one foot down on the ground leaning away from traffic
  • When getting ready to move again, put one foot on the pedal in the starting position, check your surroundings and only move when it is safe to do so
  • Children 12 years and under can ride on the footpath and we encourage them to do so
  • Parents and carers can ride on the footpath if riding with children who are 12 years or younger.  Remember to try and stay to the left to allow others who share the footpath pass safely
  • Always hop off your bike or scooter when crossing roads or pedestrian crossings
  • Always make sure your bike or scooter is in good working order.  This means you should check them over before every ride.  Make sure your brakes are working and the tyres are pumped up

Please have a look at the photo gallery.