We are determined to keep your bikes dry!

As part of our committment to being an active school, we are working with different groups to design, fund and build a bike shelter for all the students to use.

Our Goal:

To have a bike shelter built by the end of the year.

What will it look like?

The shelter will be roofed and enclosed with steel fencing to keep the bikes safe and out of the weather. The shelter will include a storage area for the school bike program.

The intent is to usilise the old garden and outdoor storage area next to the sports shed. This is where the build will take place.

It is going to look fantastic. Especially when the black steel fencing is put up to enclose it.

Where the funds will come from.

  • KHPS successfully applied for and received an active school grant that will cover the majority of the costs.
  • Any sporting schools grant money will be allocated to the project.
  • The fundraising committee are assisting with the rest of the funds. (Your contributions this year to any fund raising efforts will be going towards this)

We still need bike racks.

Unfortunately, we don't have any funds left for bike storage racks. We will be working hard to see if any can be donated. If you know of any organisations that are willing to help, we would be very greatful. Something similar to the following style is what we are looking for and enough to store at least 20 bikes.